Blurry Images Rico Gill

ISBN: 9781425756451

Published: April 2nd 2007


148 pages


Blurry Images  by  Rico Gill

Blurry Images by Rico Gill
April 2nd 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 148 pages | ISBN: 9781425756451 | 5.52 Mb

Have you ever been taking a casual walk through the park after a long day of work and noticed that couple thats just so in love that it literally makes you sick? Then you find yourself looking back over the years thinking on all the loves youve had or didnt have or the current love of your life. Have you ever just sat and pondered on what could have been as opposed to what is now, or just fantasized on another life?

Finally, have you had to hold back your tongue or not been able to say exactly what is on your mind? Then this is the perfect book for you.Often as being the people we are, we have problems with our emotions, whether it be the right words to say or the wrong words to never say. Humans just sometimes do not know how to talk Be it about religion, society, politics, and especially when it comes to love, the words we want or need to say find a way to disappear from our vocabulary. In this book I have compiled poems about what I sometimes have had trouble talking about, my love for my life, family & friends, society, significant others and for Christ.

I let the pen and pad be my voice when my mouth refused to open and my tape recorder when my heart chose to speak. I have included writings from almost every page from the story of my heart and those around me. As you read Im sure youll say to yourself, he must have been looking right at my situation. And I assure you that is not the case but that does show that my writings have hit that place I was trying to reach in your heart.

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