Hot Cars Paul Kropp

ISBN: 9780884368205

Published: January 1st 1982

Unknown Binding

91 pages


Hot Cars  by  Paul Kropp

Hot Cars by Paul Kropp
January 1st 1982 | Unknown Binding | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 91 pages | ISBN: 9780884368205 | 7.35 Mb

I think that this book was a pretty good book. It was a easy read and wasnt 500 pages long, so I liked it. The book is interesting and always has action happening. The book also had a few pictures in it also, so it wasnt just all words which get boring after a while. So after all I thought the book wasnt that bad of a book.The summary of the book is that a teenager faces the consequences of his decision to buy a stolen corvette from professional car thieves. Also that Robert doesnt know who killed his dogs and who is wrecking his fathers truck.

He gets trapped by a gain that steals cars to make money. The gain also wants to take over the junkyard. Robert got in a fight with the neighbors and almost got hurt pretty good. His boy Dave and Crazy Phil came barging through the wooden wall with a Ford Pinto to save the day. They went chasing after the two men who were beating on Robert and chased then away. Then went back to see how Robert was he just got the wind knocked out of him.I would recommend this book to young teen boys who are interested in cars and dont like to read a lot. This book isnt all that long and has a few pictures in it.

So it isnt all words that get boring after a while.

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